Biopsy – Thursday 14th May 2009

May 14, 2009

Today was Barney’s biopsy. I was terrified. He was none the wiser.

I hated the thought of him having a general anaesthetic, let alone having to await the result of this “lump”.

We arrived at 9am, booked him in and a nurse went through the form with us for his medical history, current medications and the process of the general anaesthetic. We told her his stomach issue had completely cleared up.

We’d found a lump in Barney’s side, on his flank a couple of days earlier, so decided to mention this to the nurse and she asked if we wanted it to be removed if Martin thought it was necessary whilst Barney was under anyway. We agreed for it to be removed if necessary.

We watched Barney being led away and I broke down. I hated leaving him. We were told to call at 2.30pm to check on his progress.

At 2.30pm, we called and we were told that he was just out of surgery and was doing well. They asked us to call back at 4pm and they’d then tell us when we could collect him. Eventually, we collected him at 5pm.

He looked fine, a bit wobbly, but normal Barney. It was absolutely fantastic to see him. The lump in his side had been removed and sent off for analysis with the mouth biopsy.

We should have the results within a week to ten days.

Longest wait of our lives begins now…


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