The Result…

May 21, 2009

I arrived home and found Barney’s nose the other side of the door. I’d already decided that if my partner was in the lounge when I got back, that it was bad news…

…. And there he was, with a look of sheer sadness on his face. My heart sank.

I immediately said “you know, don’t you?” He replied “yes”. I said, “It’s bad isn’t it?” He replied “yes”. He moved forward to hug me and I just told him not to. I just wanted to hear the news I’d been dreading for 10 days. I knew it was about to hit me like a brick. He took our baby from my arms and we sat down.

He told me that the lump was a melanoma. At this point, they didn’t know if it was malignant or benign, but either way, it needed to be treated. It was small, 2cm. They say anything 3cm or over is not very good. I guess that was “good” news. It looked as though it had been caught fairly early on.

Martin also mentioned that the lump in his side had been a tumour too. A mast cell tumour. He’d managed to remove it all though and this was not a worry. However, it was malignant but the cells were barely separating so it’d been caught very, very early on.

Martin had made us an appointment with a specialist in Newmarket, at a place called Dick White Referrals with Rob Foale.

The appointment was on Tuesday, straight after the Bank Holiday weekend. Those five days would seem like an eternity.


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