The Day After Surgery – Thursday 28th May 2009

May 28, 2009

We woke up early and took Luke for breakfast at the hotel. We were both eagerly awaiting a phone call so when Rob called to tell us Barney had had a good night and was doing well, we were both really relieved.
He went through everything with us again. How Barney looks, about his tongue hanging to one side, about why they needed to remove the left canine, even though he’d really hoped to have saved it. We told him that was all fine so long as Barney was okay and happy, which he confirmed he was. He’d eaten again and been for a walk so we were happy with that.

We were told that we might be able to see him today, but that didn’t happen in the end due to the vets being so busy, but they pretty much thought he would be home the next day anyway.


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