Pictures; Post and Pre-Op.

July 30, 2009

Here are some pictures of Barney. Some are taken before his surgery, some are immediately after his surgery and some are from the weeks following his surgery. I have also included a couple of pictures before and after the re-suturing took place.

I hope that these pictures can manage to show you that this was a very serious surgery, however, that the effect on Barney was minimal and the cosmetics after the surgery were nowhere near as bad as we had imagined.

I hope that anyone out there reading this blog and trying to make a decision as to whether or not they should go for this surgery for their dog; if they are lucky enough to have that option; will see that it will all be worth it in the end.

This is Barney with our son at our local nature reserve, a few days before his biopsy.

Barney Before Diagnosis

As you can see, he was full of energy as always.

Barney Before Op

Barney Post Op Again

You can see that when he was panting that his tongue hung out rather long anyway.

Post Op Again

Full frontal of his mouth prior to the mandibulectomy.


This picture shows the tumour. It is the black area between his teeth. Easily missed.

Tumour Visible

And another picture of the tumour. Hard to get a very clear snap of it. The majority is hidden underneath his tongue.


A tired Barney after his biopsy on 14th May 2009.


His mast cell tumour wound.


The last picture of Barney taken before his mandibulectomy. This is the last picture ever taken with his “full” mouth in view. Taken 26th May 2009.


First picture taken post-op. He’d been shaved so it kind of looked worse than it was. Taken 29th May 2009.


On the way home in the car after surgery. Happy as can be!


Barney, at home, 3 days after surgery. Looking fabulous! Taken 30th May 2009.


Dinner time, post op. Quite messy, as you can see.


Front view of mouth post op. He’s wet because of needing to be washed down after eating. Hence the “trimmed” ears.


**Slightly Graphic** Picture of burst sutures. Here, you can see the jawbone on display. This was re-sutured under a General Anaesthetic.


Looking sorry for himself on the way back to Dick White’s to be re-sutured.


Re-sutured. We think it looked better this time.


Back home and on very restricted walks with a special lead and a recovery collar.


Post op and healing well…


How he looks when he is laying down. Pretty much always has his tongue in his mouth.


Post op and after a bath, finally! I cut his ears short to stop them getting covered in food but can’t wait for them to grow long again!


8 weeks post op. Looking so good. We don’t even notice the change anymore. It’s just the same old Barney when we look at him 🙂 Taken 29th July 2009.


You can see just how nicely his mouth has healed, here. Taken 29th July 2009.



5 Responses to “Pictures; Post and Pre-Op.”

  1. Rosie Cooke said

    Glad to see Barney’s op went well for him.
    How old was he when this occurred. What other treatment did he have? Radiotherapy etc?

    My dog is 15 and has been offered the same op and not sure if it’s the right thing to do at her age?

    • canineoralmelanoma said

      Hello Rosie,

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t know if you have read any further or not but we lost Barney 8 months after his surgery. He didn’t have any further treatment. We were awaiting a vaccine that was being tested at that time, which I have just learnt this morning from the vet that treated Barney, is now available here in the UK.

      I can’t make a decision for you, your dog is a bit older than Barney was at the time, but if your dog is a lively one and you feel she could get through it, I’d not hesitate. The procedure seemed so invasive and I wasn’t sure at the time, but I certainly have no regrets. It was the right decision for us all and Barney bounced back quickly. We didn’t know that the cancer was elsewhere, growing slowly but that’s just one of those things.

      I doubt that your vet would have offered the procedure if s/he didn’t think your dog was up to it.

      Are you in the UK?

  2. Rosie said


    Thank you so much for replying and also writing your blog on Barney,it has been so comforting to get more information and see what a dog looked like post opp. It looked as if Barney soon got used to eating and living without part of his jaw.

    My Golden Retriever is at DW today, to determine the type of cancer she has. Jemma’s an old girl, and she struggles to stand and walk nowdays and I really hoped she would go peacefully at home in front of the fire, I hope Rob at DW will deliver some hopeful options later for us but this thing looks pretty advanced and I don’t want to make her suffer anymore tha she has to. She is coming to the end of her natural lifespan and exstensive surgery is not the right option as it may only extend her life by a few months and part of that would be spent in recovery.

    Sorry to hear the vaccine was not in time for Barney. But he has given hope to other dogs and their owners in the same situation.

    • canineoralmelanoma said

      Rosie, I hope today goes well for you. All I can say is that your girl is in the best hands possible under Rob’s care. I truly mean that. He’s amazing. Funnily enough, he commented on my Blog last night too so I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or not but I’ve been in touch with him via email today and he’s given me a lot of useful information to use here to hopefully help others in this awful situation.

      Please do let me know your outcome. I’ll be thinking of you x

  3. Sandra Berry said

    God bless you. Tears are flowing as I read about Barney. I lost my Snow to cancer 10 years ago and miss him still.

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