Barney’s Story On The ‘Dogs Trust’ Blog!

September 7, 2009

Barney’s story has now been published on the official Dogs Trust website. You can see it here;


One Response to “Barney’s Story On The ‘Dogs Trust’ Blog!”

  1. Kristen Martin said

    Thank you so much for sharing Barney’s story. We just learned about our beloved, 14 year old Cody’s melanoma. It hasn’t spread, but it requires the surgery to remove a good portion of his jaw. He’s in excellent health other than his mouth. The cost for the surgery is anywhere from $3500 to $5500, then followed by $2500 for the melanoma vaccine (we don’t want to put him thru radiation at his age – which costs more anyway). We are already $2000 into disgnosits, exray, de-bulking, meds . . . we don’t have another $7,500. Does anyone reading this know if there is any organization that contributes financially to vet medical costs? Without the surgery, there is no quality of life and I can’t bear the tought of putting him down because of money. Please email me if you know of any financial assistance programs. Thank you so much.

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