Another Lump…

December 9, 2009

This week has been harrowing, to say the least.

A couple of weeks ago, Barney had a skin flare up so we took him to the vets and he was given his usual medication to help it clear up. We also bath him as much as possible with a medicated shampoo when he has these flare ups, so on Monday, after finding a few patches of dry, scabby skin, I decided to give him a quick, morning bath.

Whilst rubbing in the shampoo, I felt a small, hard lump in his groin area. I immediately felt sick and called the vets for an appointment. We went down a couple of hours later and saw our usual vet, Martin Cossey.

Martin felt the lump and decided to do a fine needle aspiration there and then. He got very few cells to look at, but what he did get, he said looked mucky. He gave us the option of leaving it, as he thought it might be a mammary duct that was blocked, but, it could also have the potential, as any lump could, to be something more sinister.

With Barney’s history, it’d have been reckless to leave it, so we asked for him to remove it as soon as possible.

He was booked in for today, 9th December. The day had a very worrying start. The thought of a general anesthetic bothers me at any time, but with Barney now being 11, it makes me worry that bit more. I dropped him off at 9am and was told to call at 2pm to see how he was doing.

Five worrying hours later… Barney was confirmed as fine and I could collect him at 4.20pm. Hooray!

I arrived and had a long wait as it was busy. I got talking to a couple of other dog owners, ironically enough, both were there due to having found lumps on their dogs and were worried sick. Been there, done that and oh! doing it again, so I was full of compassion for them, as they were for us too.

Martin arrived to let me know Barney was on his way through and that the surgery had gone well. The lump was removed and he was very pleased to say that he was really suspicious that the lump was a cyst. When he used the word ‘suspicious’ before ‘cyst’, my heart was in my stomach. I thought he was going to say he was suspicious that it was another nasty tumour. I felt such relief. It’s been sent off to be tested anyway, purely because of Barney’s history, but it’s looking good. We’re happy – that’s actually an understatement. Let’s just hope that the histology proves Martin right. I’m sure it will 🙂

Anyway, Barney came bounding through the doors, as usual, looking as though he’d not even had a G.A and spent the rest of the night looking as lively as he usually does. He has an incision which is around 1.5inches long and internally stitched, so should heal pretty quickly.

This dog never ceases to amaze me. He’s a real star.

***Edited To Add*** The lump was confirmed as a small sebaceous cyst and is nothing to worry about. Relief!!


One Response to “Another Lump…”

  1. Jaimee Butterfield said

    I agree, He is the ultimate star! 😀 Go Barney!

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