On Your Birthday, Barney

October 21, 2010

Today is Barney’s birthday. He would have been 12.

A year ago, when we took him to Old Hunstanton, all together as a family on his 11th birthday, it didn’t cross our minds that he wouldn’t be here for this birthday. We were just so happy at the thought that he was well and had beaten that vicious disease. How wrong we were.

It breaks my heart. That’s all I can say.

Barney, we love you and we miss you so much. We’ll be going to the beach this afternoon and sending you some special balloons up to your rainbow. I hope you get them.

With Lots of Love from Mummy, Daddy and Luke


One Response to “On Your Birthday, Barney”

  1. Pamela said

    I am so sorry for what your sweet Barney and his parents (you) went through, I sobbed as I read the blog entries. We have lost our little boy, our Dash, to this same horrible disease. For us it has been just shy of 3 months. We mourn as never before in our lives; he was and still is, one of the 8 best things to ever to happen to us. He is the youngest or our eight furry children. No child could be loved more, whatever their species. Our Dash even looked quite a bit like your Barney. We didn’t know until it was too late either, that our son had the same risk factors that your Barney did. Please accept our deepest sympathies.
    We look at furry babies online with thoughts of adopting one of them, to save them from the sadness and loneliness and stress, (or worse) of life in a shelter, or but we don’t feel we will ever allow ourselves to love another as much as we love our Dash. And, of course we are always drawn to the older boys who in some way look as if they could be somewhat like him. We know we must do this, and we will, I believe, because even with our completely shattered hearts, we can provide a safe, comfortable home for another sibling for our furry children. I would never presume to know if this would be something you could ever do, but maybe someday, you could do it in honor of your precious boy, and in honor of all the happiness you shared. It may take years for you; I know you said you will never again, and I totally understand that. It as over a decade for my parents, who said:'”never again can we go through the pain”, but then a beautiful lost shepherd literally wandered into their lives, and they had another almost 13 years (never could be long enough) of the most pure and perfect love we, as humans, can ever experience.
    Please know I will never forget what you have written about your precious Barney, nor will I ever forget his beautiful sweet angelic face. I wish there was something i could sat to help you and your husband, or to help myself and my husband. Take care. Pam

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