One Year…

January 13, 2011

This time last year, I was laying on the hall carpet,
cuddling my beautiful Barney, the boy who had been my best friend
for very nearly 11 years, trying to convince myself that I could
hear his heart beating properly. Trying to convince myself that he
was well and trying to convince myself that it was all a mistake
and that we’d come home from his next appointment at the vet’s,
laughing and smiling. Deep down, I knew, just knew that I was
wrong. It’s been a year since we had to say goodbye to him. A whole
year since he was here, snoring at our feet and able to stroke and
cuddle him. I miss him more than words can say. Not a day passes
where I don’t think of him and where he’s not mentioned in this
house. I love and miss you Barney. You will always be with us and
we’ll never forget you. We’ll do something special for you on your
first anniversary. Look out for some special balloons heading up toward your rainbow. Love forever, Mummy xxxx


7 Responses to “One Year…”

  1. @HelenW71 said

    You were so blessed to have Barney in your life. To have such a good friend, human or animal, is truly lucky. He will always be in your heart, even when you’re an old lady & Luke has Granchildren of his own. Time passing doesn’t mean you forget & he’ll always be by your side in spirit.

  2. Lyne said

    I just found out last Friday that my beloved Scottish Terrier Shadow has a cancerous tumor like your Barney had. I have been torn between believing what the vet said and not believing as no biopsy was done. I just had a look myself, and it’s so much bigger than a twoonie! I don’t know what I am going to do without my best bud.

    I’m so sorry for your loss

    Take care Lyne

  3. Lyne said

    Could you please contact me by email? Shadow just has his dinner and there was a load of blood in his food and I don’t know if it was because he bit his tougne again or the tumor.

    I will understand if you don’t thank you lyne

  4. Rob Foale said


    It’s Rob Foale here, the vet at Dick White Referrals who initially treated your lovely boy Barney. I have come across your webpages and I have found what you have written very moving. I remember him well and I am so sorry that at the time we did all we could but that it was not enough. He was a lovely dog and although I wish he had never had to see me, it was a privilege to have met him. However, I thought you ought to know that there is a new treatment for malignant melanoma available now, which involves giving the dogs a vaccine which stimulates their own immune system to fight the cancer for us. It is not a cure but it does appear to work very well extending their life with normal quality by at least a four fold factor on average. I’m sorry that this treatment was not available for Barney but I wanted to let you know that modern medicine is finding new solutions and that many other dogs will now be able to be helped in a way that was not possible just 12 months ago.

    With my best wishes to you both,


  5. Russell Montgomery said

    I just wanted to thank you for your posts. I had come across your story several months ago and again today. I just lost my favorite dog ever to oral melanoma two days ago after a two year battle… surgery, radiation, chemo and vaccines couldn’t stop this terrible disease from its eventual outcome. He died in my arms from suffocation as the tumor had grown and blocked his air passage.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.

  6. Leni Telles said

    I just find out, that my dog max has this cancer, my life never will be the same

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