Two Years

January 14, 2012

It’s been two years since our beautiful Barney completed his life in this world and moved on to his next – to his rainbow in the sky. It’s quite apt that we tell Luke that Barney is on a rainbow looking down, simply because for a dog that was black and white, he was one of the most colourful characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my life.

Two years on I still miss him terribly. There is still a big hole.

Today we’ll send balloons up to his rainbow with our messages. We know he’s up there having a ball.

We love and miss you so much boy xxxxx



14 Responses to “Two Years”

  1. Debbie said

    My thoughts are with you….it will be a year for my Jack who had Melanoma in his nail bed. I to miss him everyday and don’t think the hole will ever be completely filled…..

  2. Hi, I came across your blog as I was trying to find answers and advice online. My dog is 9 yrs old, a black great dane/labrador mix. A few weeks ago, around Christmas, I noticed a lump on the roof of her mouth. I took her in to the Vet’s and they ordered an immediate biopsy for the next morning. The results just came back, and they diagnosed her with amelanotic melanoma, presumptively. She has shown us no signs of any of this, and just by a fluke chance, I saw her yawn and noticed the lump. She’s been her normal self, and continues to be. Hrays show that it has invaded the upper jaw on one side, and we have an MRI set for next Monday to get a better look at things. I want to go ahead with the surgery, as they believe that it has not spread to her lymph nodes or to her chest. Can you tell me what went wrong with Barney after his surgery, as far as the cacner spreading and going undetected like it must have? Do the Vet’s recommend monthly visits, how can we detect it spreading and make sure we have a handle on it? What would you have done differently, or what advice do you wish someone would have given you? I am so sorry about Barney, as it seems your loss has been very rough on you, and it sounds like you and I are 2 of the same. I cry just reading your blog posts, because what you went through and are still going through is exactly how I would be, how I am right now. We’re trying to raise funds for her surgery and her vetting costs, they estimate that they will be around $5k. I can’t put a price on my dog’s life, she means the world to us, and I’d pay all of the money in the world to save her if I could. Any insight and guidance would be really appreciated, thanks so much, and God bless Barney 🙂

    • canineoralmelanoma said

      I’m sorry to hear about your dog. It’s very hard to accept this news. Melanoma is so common in dogs, yet we know nothing about it until it happens to our own.

      You asked what happened with Barney; basically, we think that when they initially operated on him and took away his lymph nodes, although they were clear, we assume that some cells had already broken away by that point, even though it was very early stages and it had spread to other areas.

      He displayed no symptoms at all from May when he was diagnosed initially, until December when he became unwell and we knew something was really not right with him.

      I guess if there is one thing I wish we had had done, it would be the MRI scan. The only reason we didn’t was because other tests came back clear so the vet felt there was no need). I’m not sure what difference it would have made, if any, but I often wonder in the back of my mind if things may have been different had we had it done. It was never because of money, we simply trusted the vet looking after him
      I have to say here that I still to this day appreciate everything they did. They gave us 8 months with Barney that we may not have had if the lump had not been seen.

      I hope that your journey ends differently to ours. I hope that your best friend and family member can survive this and continue with many happy years.

      Just do all you can, but do remember that it’s not fair for our babies to suffer if that time came. It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life but I knew it was right.

      My love and thoughts are with you all. I’m crying just writing this x

  3. jenny kenyon said

    I have been putting off reading this because I know it is going to tear me apart. I just found out our 11 year old Timpa has oral melanoma and I am devastated. Thank you for writing this, I feel that it is going to give me comfort. I dont know what in the world we are going to do. Sending you love and thanks from Colorado.

  4. Mary Kate said

    I too stumbled onto your blog .. My heart cries for you and your Barney .. 5 weeks my heart was diagnosed with malignant melanoma . Bella is 10 yrs old king Charles cavalier . She is my heart .. I feel helpless .. The lump in her mouth seemed to pop up out the side . Dr said she did not get clear margines. It was 2cm . Recently she has been gagging for no reason . Dr said it might be reflux so we are treating with meds . I have a bad feeling .. Her chest xray is clear 5 weeks ago . She is my best friend . And I can’t stop crying when I think of losing her .

  5. Shar said

    I am so sorry to hear the news about Barney. Your blog helped me a couple of years ago when we lost our beagle to cancer. Barney is in a better place and feels better and rested. There is this great book a friend of mine told me to buy. It is called “All Dogs Go To Heaven” This book just made me feel good.

  6. Stacy said

    How can this all be happening?? I found an oral mass on my 13 year old chocolate lab just last week. At that time, the vet hoped it was an abscess and sent us home with antibiotics. I called the office 3 days later and requested another vet. My regular vet of 10 years is semi retired. The next vet, with 35 years experience, said it is melanoma. Just 2 days ago, after the vet appointment, he could barely walk. Now I am faced with the decision for the vet to remove the lesions and wait for it to come back with mets or cherrish the next 1-2 months thatI do have left with my best friend. I have cried for 5 days. His blood work and chest xray was perfect.

  7. Deborah said

    I just found your blog while looking online for information. It’s beautiful and you have all of my same feelings, but I’ll have to try and read more of it later, I can’t see through all the tears.

    I have two 12-year-old Scotties, a brother and sister, Mollye & Murphy. In March, Mollye had an ugly tumor on her lower lip that turned out to be a sebaeceous ephithelioma, but a cancerous one (very rare to be cancerous). I took her to Auburn University Vet School for radiation and am now giving her chemo. It seems to be working, thank goodness.

    But several weeks ago, I took Murphy for a dental cleaning and they discovered an “oral mass” in the back of his throat and sent a piece for biopsy. He just called me this afternoon and Murphy has malignant melonoma. I am devasted. It was hard enough to deal with the thought of losing one (& they have never been separated), but now, both of them. I don’t think I can stand it. I just pray that I can make all the right decisions concerning them and their treatments.

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts, writings and observations in your blog. They are truly a help to others of us in the same situations. And thank you for getting information on canine melonoma out to others.

    • canineoralmelanoma said

      Oh my. I’m incredibly sorry to hear this. How unfortunate for you to have two babies going through something so awful. My thoughts are with you. Follow your heart and give them both the best chance you can without having them suffer. x

  8. Jodi Gore said

    My heart is breaking for you and Barney. Does it ever get any easier? My son is losing his battle with oral melanoma. We are hoping to make it through Christmas but its not looking good. I just wanted to let you know that your story has tears flowing down my cheeks and all over the keyboard. I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain.

  9. Marla said

    My beautiful cocker spaniel Thunder has just been diagnosed with amelanotic melanoma. She had a seizure in the morning and we discovered the mass in her mouth. She is 13 1/2 years young. She is a smart and beautiful dog. We have decided to put her on pain medication and soft canned food. I want her to be pain free and just be a dog. My heart breaks every day.

  10. Meltem Berker said

    I just find your blog when my beautiful baby was diognoised with canine melanoma. I just cried all day reading your blog, holding my baby close to me. My vet removed some of the tumor but could not tell how quick the tumor can regrow. Unfortunately the tumor grow so aggressivly in three weeks. My baby lost weight, even though he ate well untill four days ago. He had shivering attacks, difficulty drinking and stoped eating or just a little when I tried feeding him. I had to make the most difficult decision of my life yesterday leaving me in great pain. I know my life will never be the same. With him the real love of my life is gone. I am just afraid to forget his warmth, smell and softness when holding him in my arms. I hope he is now up there with your beautiful Barney, resting in peace. He was a silver color teacup poodle, 15 years old. His name was Candy and my baby.

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