3 Years and Still Tears

January 13, 2013

It’s three years tomorrow since I last held my boy. I can’t believe its been so long now, but somehow, it is all so raw and it feels like just yesterday.

It’s meant to snow tonight/tomorrow. I think it will and I know it will be him.

We have your balloons ready, Barney. They’ll be flying up towards you on your rainbow tomorrow morning. Xxx




6 Responses to “3 Years and Still Tears”

  1. Debbie said

    We are coming up on 2 years in March. I completely understand how you feel.

    Take Care!

  2. Lorraine said

    I found your blog while trying to research oral cancer. I am so sorry for your loss. My 12.5 year old baby is going in for surgery today to hopefully remove her growths (if operable). I can’t imagine how you feel, and it brings me to tears thinking about not having my little girl. I’ve had her since I was 14 years old. Please pray for her.

  3. Debbie said

    It has been 12 yrs. since we lost our beloved Rudy. We still talk and cry about him. He will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss him.

  4. silvahoney said

    its not really easy if we lose our pet specially if we are really attached to them..the depression would always remain but we need to overcome the pain that we have..

    cremation services pittsburgh

  5. Denise Tutas said

    I don’t know if this blog is still active but wanted to thank you for your inspiring story of Barney’s life. I have a rescue Chihuahua, Pepper, who survived oral melanoma surgery 14 months ago and how has another tumor in his mouth that is growing rapidly. I was searching for answers, wondering when to give up, etc. Thank you so much for your help. God bless you and Barney’s memory. ( He looks so much like my grand dog, Brandi)

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