Vaccine Update!

August 6, 2009

Lizzie from Dick White’s called yesterday afternoon around 4.30pm. She apologised for the delay but explained that Rob had been going ‘to and fro’ with the Americans over the vaccine for Barney. It turns out that there is so much red tape around the vaccine being administered here because it is not licensed in the UK, that he’s really had to fight Barney’s case and that’s why it has taken so long. It’s all to do with legislation and I already knew that the vaccine can actually only be given by a vet who is under the American Vets Association or the ACVS or something like that, it’s all a bit confusing to be honest. Fortunately the Professor falls into that category so it can be administered by him.

Anyway, she explained that Rob had been fighting. Lots of emails and phonecalls, putting forward Barney’s case and the good news is that that he WON! Barney can most certainly have the vaccine 😀

We’re so pleased. We’re looking at around another 2 weeks or so because the Americans want some more forms filling in by Rob. This is what we’ve been waiting for, another step in the right direction 😀


I had taken Barney to the vets on Friday because he’d had diarrhoea for a few days after being wormed. I wasn’t too worried because this had happened the last couple of times he had been wormed but since I am an over-anxious dog owner, I like to get him checked out anyway. On Friday the vet told me to change his food to chicken and rice for a couple of days and that he should be fine. His tummy wasn’t at all tender and he looked as bright as ever.

Monday morning, I woke up and found he was being sick by his bed. It was just bile but I was still worried none-the-less. He’d emptied his bowels in between being sick and me making a vets appointment, which funnily enough was back to normal. I was in two minds as to whether or not I should leave him another day or not and see how he went but I decided to call for an appointment anyway and an hour later, we were at the vets.

I saw the same vet, Martin, a lovely guy from either Australia or New Zealand. He remembered Barney and proceeded to ask questions about what had happened and got down to eye level with Barney to have a look at him.

Before he even got around to having a feel of his tummy, he said, “come here Barnes, what’s that?”

At this point, I had no idea what he was referring to. He then asked my partner and myself how long Barney had had this “lump” in his mouth. As soon as he said the word “lump” I felt light-headed and sick, already thinking the worse.

He explained that he had a black “lump” or “growth” on his gum, but because Barney was excited and had his tongue flopped out, he couldn’t get a good look. I managed to see what he was referring to though and was instantly worried.

I asked what it could be, already knowing the answer… a tumour.

He proceeded to explain that it could be a melanoma or it could be something similar to gum disease. He told us to keep a very close eye on it and that they may want to biopsy it. I asked if they could do that NOW, anyway. He agreed but said that he would wait a few days to be sure his stomach upset had passed and told us to book him in at the front desk. We booked his biopsy for Thursday 14th May 2009.